The great expansion of APACs, especially in the state of Minas Gerais, emerged a form of organization in the various stages of development experiences in the cities. Then, APACs were organized into three groups according to the methodological consolidation of each one:


Group I

Administration of Social Reintegration Center of APAC, without the assistance of police or prison officers, with full application of the twelve key elements of APAC Method. Masculine and Feminine Social Reintegration Centers.


Group II

APACs which administrate the Social Reintegration Center (In its own building, in a state building, leased or annexed to the city jail), without the help of police or prison officers, with partial application of the twelve key elements. These APACs administrate Centers in the manner described in Group I, however apply partially the APAC methodology.

It is important to mention that some APACs which are in group II, only have semi open and/or open regime, but it is already included in their plan to extend the work to recuperandos in closed regime. It’s common to find in some countries, such as: Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia and others, APAC method being partially applied in designated pavilions of prisons.


Group III

APACs in this group neither administer Social Reintegration Centers, nor goes to pavilions in common prisons in order to partially apply the APAC Method. Some are only legally organized, making social mobilization or activities with prisoners who are in prisons or public jails. Some have their own land, and others already are in the construction phase of the Social Reintegration Center.



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9º CONGRESSO DAS APACs / 9º Congress of APACs